Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"My Angry Vagina"

This skit is one long rant. Once more, masturbation is encouraged. This scene is particularly and unnecessarily vulgar. The rant is, for most of the scene, about nature, and not anything that men can do to help women. I'm sorry you have to bleed once a month, but there isn't anything I can do about that. It's nature. Don't be angry about it. There's nothing that can be done.

EDIT: Re-reading, I noticed that the author complains about doctor's using rubber gloves when examining her vagina. Is she seriously opposed to sanitary precautions?


Nathaniel M. Campbell said...

I can't help but noticing (and maybe it's only because I've been reading a lot of Lewis lately) that you're frank, brief quips in recent posts (e.g. "It's nature. Don't be angry about it. There's nothing that can be done." and "We either speak about sex lives or we don't. It works the same for both types of people. There is no third way.") are very similar to a tone that C.S. Lewis often used when, in the process of debunking modern myths and stereotypes about human nature and the Christian religion, he would state the conclusion of a particular argument.

BCatholic said...


Dear Nathaniel,

Could you please clarify: were you trying to say I'm doing something right (if so, thank you) or are you trying to say I make the same error as Lewis (and if so, how would you rectify it)?


In Christ's Love,


Nathaniel M. Campbell said...

Sorry I wasn't as clear: I think it's an excellently concise method of writing, and I think C.S. Lewis is at his literary best when he uses it -- and so, therefore, are you.