Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Because He Liked To Look At It"

In this scene, a woman is ashamed of how her vagina looks, until she meets a man named Bob. They have intercourse shortly after meeting. Clearly, non-marital intercourse is a sin, but I don't want to make too big a point of that here, as many movies make contain the same sin, and this scene doesn't claim that it is morally acceptable. I do want to make a point of noting that Bob says over and over again that he wants to see the woman in this monologue, and by that, he means her vagina. He tells her that she is her vagina. Objectification? Yes.


Charlotte said...

You are clearly misunderstanding the meaning of the piece - it is about female liberation and being comfortable with ourselves, a part of this includes our vagina. Of course there is more to a woman than her vagina - but it is the vagina that defines us as a woman, and therefore deserves more attention and accepting than the current society decides to give it.

Laf said...

Thank GOD she learned to love her vagina.