Monday, February 4, 2008

Various Scenes

For the sake of time, I am going to skip over a couple of sections which are not controversial, in my opinion, to get to the one known as “Reclaiming C*nt.”
The scene is about saying the word many times so that it is no longer offensive. It is desensitizing. Two years ago while discussing this entire play with a girl who supports the continued performance on our campus. She said at one point, “There is nothing offensive in the show.” Later in our talk, I dropped the c word. She flipped out. Apparently, even after seeing the show, the word remains offensive. There is no real reason for Ensler’s effort to change perception about this word. Some feminists want to reclaim it and so that it won’t have power over them. I don’t think Italian-Americans have tried to reclaim wop. I don’t think they ever will try it. Why do feminists?

The next scene is one in which Ensler asks more of those ridiculous questions about anthropomorphizing vaginas. This time she asks a six-year old.

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