Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Through the End

This post intends to take us from where we left off, “The Woman Who Loved To Make Vaginas Happy” through the end of the The Vagina Monologues.

This scene is about a lesbian who used to be a tax-lawyer but now is paid to make women moan. By definition (she sleeps with other women for money), she is a prostitute.

She begins by saying, “I do not see them (women and vaginas) as separate things.” This error has been discussed here before. The entire scene is a defense of moaning. There’s nothing wrong with moaning, unless you happen to be waking people up doing it. There is something wrong with lesbian sexual intercourse, and that is not discussed here. The speaker also has a problem with those who don’t moan. “No, I pushed her further, all the way to her power moan”

I want to comment her on orgasms. It is truly sad that many women do not experience pleasure during intercourse. An orgasm within the context of intercourse is a good thing. What we must opposed are using the ends to justify the means, for example, allowing lesbian sexual intercourse in order to achieve an orgasm.

After the scene, Ensler tells us that the woman it was based on didn’t think it was her story. She liked the scene, but it was not her. Ensler interviews her again.

The woman glorifies lesbian sexual intercourse, even though it is disordered and sinful. A plethora of articles on this topic are available here. The interview is a very graphic description of how the woman has lesbian sexual intercourse.

The last scene is on birth, and it didn’t contain anything controversial, in my mind.

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