Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On President-Elect Obama

This was written when Fox News had Senator Obama winning 220 electoral votes to a group of friends.


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

While it is still too early to know what the results of the elections throughout the country have been, things don’t seem to be going in our favor. I know this can be disheartening. After eight years of slow advances towards a true Culture of Life and Civilization of Love, it seems we have fallen back. We have been here before. In the 4th century, Constantine advanced the cause of Christianity, and merely two and a half decades later, Julian the Apostate came to the scene. Julian was not all-evil, as no one eve is. His paganism was heavily Christian/Arian. He was a man of great chastity and asceticism. He shunned imperial pomp and worked for the poor. But he began the renewed persecution of the Church, not by massive martyrdoms like previous emperors, but subtle state persecution of the Church. He ruled for only two years. During this time, Christians certainly tried to resist persecution. They would not pray to false gods. They worshipped no god but the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: the God-Man Jesus Christ. However, our fathers and mothers in the faith never lived a bitter life. They never lost the joy and hope that was within them due to their faith in Christ. They prayed for the emperor and did not despise him. They could do this only by the intercession of the saints and the grace of God. No matter who wins, we must pray for our elected officials, that they humbly seek the common good.

Like it or not, we need to live in this world but not be of the world. Now is the time to begin evangelizing. Now is the time to begin reaching across the aisle and building a Catholic alliance that stands up for life and the traditional family while agreeing to work together on prudential decisions. Now is the time to resist FOCA and any other sort of disaster with all our political ability, asking for a court stay while we challenge obscene laws against the dignity of human life. Now is the time begin planning for 2012 (Chris Smith for President).

We may be down but we can take it. “With God all things are possible.” This is certainly bad for our country on many levels, but I strongly encourage you to keep an eternal view of things. Our witness to the eternal in this time, when those who do not share our faith will expect us to be so tied up with worldly affairs, can be a great testament to our faith and a witness to the work of grace in our lives.

Do not be afraid. Open wide the doors to Christ.

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