Monday, December 31, 2007


I have just updated the links section as part of my New Year's Eve great update. I wanted to briefly comment on what the links are.

The Mary Foundation produces great audio CDs which can be ordered for free. I highly recommend all of them. They also has other useful resources, which due to their extensiveness, I cannot say I've checked them all out in order to endorse them.

Boston Faithful Seeking Understanding is an apologetics group based in Boston of which I am a part of.

Catholic Educator's Resource Center is a great resource for apologetics.

Companion of Jesus is an excellent site on real, Jesuit spirituality.

Eternal Word Television Network is the website for the great television channel.

One More Soul an organization dedicated to the truth on life issues.

Sons of Saint Patrick is a Catholic men's group at Boston College.

The New Liturgical Movement is a blog dedicated to the reform of the Roman liturgy. I do not endorse all of the views expressed (for example, some of the writers are opposed to the use of any hymns and only support chant propers) but for the most part, they do a great job. I certainly do not endorse the things that appear in the comments box.

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